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Benefits of Non Destructive Digging

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Does your construction project involve service locating (potholing), delicate and precision excavation around services, boring or drilling under and around obstacles or services?

Non-destructive digging and Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is very effective for such projects.

Vacuum excavation is a better alternative to mechanical excavation and Horizontal Directional Drilling is a better alternative to trenching.

At Jones Group NSW we have a wide variety of top quality Horizontal Directional Drills. If you need one for any project, give us a call and we will make that happen for you.

Below is a list of reasons why you should use non-destructive digging and horizontal directional drilling (HDD) for your next domestic or civil engineering project.

Safety where it counts

At any construction site, safety is always a key issue. Non-destructive digging is the safest method of excavation.

For sites where work was already done it can be hard to not disrupt pipes and cables. Traditional ways of drilling aren’t as precise and you can end up disrupting these existent cables and causing more damage than good.

By choosing non-destructive digging, you can safely excavate around gas mains, water pipes and sewer pipes without posing a risk to the property or putting operators at risk.

Similarly, Horizontal Drilling is a much better alternative for trenching and it is simpler and much safer.

Cost effective digging

When you compile a list of the cost benefits of non-destructive digging and horizontal directional drilling, they quickly stack up. This is because there is minimal risk to underground utilities, higher levels of worker safety and minimal liabilities.

Traditional means are not only tedious and time consuming, but there is also an increased risk of damaging underground utilities and disrupting many peoples’ lives in the process. Such errors also increase the cost of the project, cause delays and can exponentially increase the cost of labor.

Non-destructive digging and Horizontal Directional Drilling requires less labor, are more precise, much cleaner and saves money.

Environment friendly

Non-destructive digging is by far the most environmentally friendly way to excavate. Vacuum excavation trucks safely remove debris by using a tube to suck it through and storing the debris in a tank.

On the other hand, Horizontal directional drilling is a lot quieter, doesn't creates mess and requires lesser space for the drilling to be done.

This allows for precise, clean and quick operations. The land that is worked on can easily be restored to its initial state after they are finished.

Non-destructive digging is also quieter than traditional means and it is minimally disruptive to those that live close to the work site.

So, if you are working in populated areas these must be your prime digging methods.

Finally, non-destructive digging and directional drilling are faster than traditional digging methods.

You can identify the location of any utilities before you break ground and accurately plan your entire project. Increased productivity and efficiency makes them faster than traditional methods.

Why Choose Us?

At Jones Group NSW, we have been in the business of supplying and hiring construction equipment for a long time. We have a wide range of top notch horizontal directional drills.

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