We are the civil and excavation experts of Australia. With a specialty in horizontal directional drilling, we carry out precise drilling services by using only the best equipment, machinery and meeting the safety standards.

Horizontal directional drilling is used for installing infrastructure in the telecommunications industry and other infrastructure like sewer lines, oil lines, gas lines, product pipelines and water lines.

“With a diverse portfolio under our belts, we can undertake projects of virtually any type, size, terrain and complexity.”


Mitch Jones

Unrivalled Efficiency

Horizontal directional drilling in Sydney outshines other techniques and has many benefits. It is less disruptive to traffic, cost effective and provides deeper installation. Also, it has a shorter completion time and is more environmentally friendly.

Quality assured Horizontal Drilling services

Delivering high quality directional horizontal drilling services to all our clients, we specialize in providing quality assured drilling in Sydney. Jones Group NSW’s directional steering capabilities  ensure that the process is done in a safe and controlled manner.